To start integrating with 1app API, you need a 1app account. Create a free account now if you haven't already done so - https://accounts.1app.online

Once you are done setting up an account on 1app, you can get your API key and User ID key from the developers page at footer of your account dashboard.

  • Sell all products.
  • Secure.
  • Code samples.
  • Swift and easy to integrate.
                "confirmationMessage": "OK",
                "confirmationCode": 200,
                "details": {
                    "custname": "JOHN JOHN",
                    "custno": "2310462***",
                    "typeNo": "11",
                    "typeName": "Ikeja Prepaid",
                    "txref": "1-15852213908-e460"
                "sts": true,
                "msg": "verified"